A wide range of lane dividers to fit any production needs.

Automatic machines to apply Hang Tags, Conic Collars and String Hang Tags on bottles’ necks.

Labelling machine with technology Self-Adhesive, Hot-Melt, Cold Glue or combined.

The most carefully and performing way to transport bottles and containers.

To orient products in accordance with the different production and packaging needs.

The flexibility that grant better production performance.

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Cosmopack S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer based into the heart of the Italian packaging valley close to Bologna.

Cosmopack is today worldwide known as a leader company specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality automatic machines and production lines, with particular attention to the managing and handling of containers for liquid products, at high speed.

Flexibility and performance of our machines are widely appreciated in industries producing food, spirits, beverages, personal care and home care products, edible oil and lube oil.

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